The Best Advice For Buddies Organizing An Outfitted Hunting Trip

Planning and preparing for an exciting outfitted hunting adventure can be one of two experiences; a dream or a nightmare. When planning a trip one must think through the details and ensure everyone is committed to their involvement in all ways including covering expenses. Without organization and level of commitment putting together a group of hunting friends to go on a trip can be a taxing experience.

To keep your group as one we have a few tips for the planning process. If you have other tips please add them in the comment section!

  1. Establish a group leader. Do this from the very beginning. The leader’s vote doesn’t count any more than anyone else’s, but it’s important to have someone who will keep everything organized and on schedule. Down the road, when you eventually get to booking the hunt, the outfitter will require the group to have a leader anyway. This is so he has a single point of contact in communicating information about the hunt. So make sure the leader is someone you can count on to relay all information to the entire group.
  2. Hold real meetings. Once you’ve identified who among your friends are serious about making the trip, get them together at a place where you can all sit around a table and record everyone’s desires for an enjoyable trip and how much each is willing to spend on the hunt. Write this down! Try to hold the meeting in a place where there are not a ton of distractions, otherwise, someone is sure to miss important information and then six months down the road swear that it was never said! So a sports bar is NOT a good location to hold meetings.
  3. Include everyone. Once you’ve decided on what you want to hunt and a general location of where you want to hunt, then everyone in the group to go out and start looking for potential outfitters. Have them talk to friends and friends of friends, etc. to bring recommendations and referrals back to the table. Then cross-reference all the operations against the listings at Remember, trust but verify.

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