Top 10 Packing Tips For Your Next Hunting Trip

A very common question we get asked by hunters before they head out on their adventure is “how can I make the weight restrictions, but take all the gear I need?”. This is a great question, especially with weight limitations constantly changing, and wanting to be as light as possible while you may be tracking through the bush.

It may seem like the weight limits that airlines and outfitters put on the gear their hunters can fly into camp are impossibly light, even if you stick to the letter of their recommended gear lists. Here are the top 10 tips for packing the lightest and most comfortable load, still making sure you have everything you need.

1. Make sure your gun is sighted in before you travel. Limit the amount of ammo you bring for the trip. Check with your hunting companion(s) before you leave to discover if you shoot the same cartridges, if so, pool the ammo you’ll need to cut back on bringing access.

*EXPERT TIP: We always take the hunters to shoot their gun before they go out on the hunt as their guns can get banged around while traveling, plus the guides like to see how the hunters shoot.

2. In Canada, it is necessary to layer your clothing for changing conditions, as the weather can be fairly unpredictable. The fact that you may be out early and back late will have you experiencing multiple temperatures and potential weather patterns in the bush. With one main set of clothes for the day, you can utilize other layers if/when the main set of clothes is unwearable.

3. Bring only one pair of suitable hunting boots and a pair of light comfortable shoes or slippers for camp.

*EXPERT TIP: Cut your toenails before coming so when they are climbing downhill it is more pleasant.

4. Liquids and gels add access unnecessary weight. Minimize both. Shadow Mountain supplies water, coffee, tea, other beverages. If you want something specific like beer, wine or alcohol, let us know and we can have it in camp prior to your arrival.

5.Wear your heaviest gear when you’re getting ready to board the plane. For example, wear your boots or your heavy coat on the plane and put reasonable gear (compass, cameras, GPS, etc.) in your pockets.

*EXPERT TIP: Make sure that your boots are broken in, brand new boots usually causes blisters and sore feet.

6. Make sure you are clear what is supplied for you and what you are required to supply yourself, this will ensure that you do not bring unnecessary items that add weight to your luggage. If they like your sweets, we recommend you bring your own chocolate. We supply our famous cookies but if you like extras you are more than welcome to bring that and a water bottle.

7. We recommend you bring your firearm or bow in a hard case for transport if you fly commercially or drive. We recommend you bring along a soft case to take into the bush.  There is a lot of room to store your hard case and any other gear that you brought securely in the main house or one of our cabins, depending on the accommodation arrangement.

8. Pack a complete set of comfortable and clean clothes to travel home after a long trip, they can stay at the house while you head to one of our camps.

*EXPERT TIP: Some folks like to bring a pillow case to put their dirty clothes in as a laundry bag.

9. Make sure you’re hunting gear is set up as light as possible. This can shave pounds off on the plane transportation and it also makes the gear much more manageable in the field.

10. Make it a group effort. If there are things that you can share as a group do so, rather then all bringing the same shaving cream. This preplanning quickly cuts pounds from each individual’s load against the weight limit.

Keep in mind that Shadow Mountain Outfitters is a full-service provider. To get a list of recommended items to bring or what is provided by Shadow Mountain Outfitters please contact us at or call us direct at 1-250-255-3551.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome any and all questions your group might have.