Top Hunting Photography Tips

One important question that hunters rarely ask is;

“How can I take better trophy pictures in the field?”

From a business standpoint this is an important question, but even more so from a bragging standpoint, because really if a tree falls in the forest and nobody gets a photo, did it even fall? This is how one can look at the thrill of a lifetime that a hunting experience can offer. It’s great that you get to bring your trophy home, but there is nothing like capturing the thrill of the hunt in the field. We are here to offer the top 10 tips for getting the most out of your hunting photos.

The biggest mistake made in taking photos in the field with your game is rushing, let’s face it, your heart is racing, and the last thing you are thinking about is how your trophy looks lying on the ground. We are here to suggest that you take your time and get the best possible photo of your and your game. Take the time to place it in a way that truly displays the beast for what it is, there is no need to rush. Here are 10 tips that will help you take better trophy photos:

  1. Check the Gun Safety
  2. Shoot with the light behind the photographer, try with the flash on and the flash off so you can see which looks better.
  3. Shoot in the animals natural environment
  4. Get as near to the ground as possible
  5. Be Aware of the Background
  6. Remove All Blood of the scene and the animal
  7. Position the Animal Tastefully
  8. Don’t hesitate to move around the animal and take many pictures
  9. Check the animal’s eyes in the reflection on the photo
  10.  SMILE

Compare the photos below to see if you can notice the differences and you decide which one you like best. To see more great trophy pictures for ideas check out our trophy room photos

Hunting is a sport that dates back to the beginning of time. It allows man to connect with his primal instincts, which he an evolved beyond. There is something that awakens within man when he has the opportunity to tap into this instinctual side. It allows him to conquer fear, to conquer beast and feel more alive then ever. Give yourself the gift of adventure.

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