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Welcome Valued Guest,

It is great to connect with you, thank you for seeking out our website. Not sure on what types of hunts you are looking for but I will give you some information regarding the Guiding Outfit we operate.

What Type Of Hunts We Offer And When

We operate 9 months of the year starting with Spring Bear in the early part of May until the end of June.  These hunts are usually conducted by spot and stalk or using hounds both ways are always exciting. In our region, we are allowed to harvest 2 bears so that gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of the 50% color phase that we have here.

In September we start our elk hunts, in the peak of the rut, so there is always good action. We are always booking reservations the previous year, but don’t let that discourage you from contacting us to see if your desired dates might be available.  You might get lucky and we would love to have you. Something that makes us unique is we also offer a black bear, whitetail or a mule deer tags with our elk hunt as secondary tags. This means that if you harvest your elk on the first few days of your hunt you can either choose to hunt one of these secondary species, with the understanding that these deer are not in their rut, they come in later in November, but you still have the opportunity to hunt them.

 Our Shiras Moose Hunts start  October 15th, when the moose are in the rut or we can book a later date and hunt the moose when the snow has fallen and it is easier to track them, we then can offer a combo hunt with a Mule deer, as then the Mule deer are also coming into their rut.

We also hunt our mountain goats later in the fall, after October 15th giving them a chance to grow their magnificent coats, we also offer a Muledeer tag with this hunt.

 We also offer a mule deer hunt for the deer enthusiast, or we can combo it up with a whitetail as well.

In December once we have a good base we start to hunt our cougars and bobcats, once again using the dogs, this is a great hunt winter hunt to get out and watch the dogs work.

We harvest some exceptional elk, deer, bear, moose, goats, and cats in this Kootenay Lake area. Feel free to head to our trophy room gallery to see a full range of our hunts.

Our Experience

We have been in the guiding business for over 35 years, and my husband Tim has been on over 275-300 Elk in his hunting career.  The rest of our guides are also very enthusiastic when it comes to hunting Elk in the Rut. It is fair chase at its finest. We only  take 18- 24 hunters per year to keep the quality of our Elk hunts, meaning 6 hunters per hunt.

Our Location

Our guiding area  starts at the US border and runs 80 miles north along the famous Kootenay Lake.Our Guiding area is approximately  4000 square kilometers in size and it is one of the largest areas, located in the Southeast corner of British Columbia. We are situated in an area where there is not a lot of local hunting pressure or road access. This area is so large we use every means possible to hunt, using Horses, 4×4’s and quads, whatever it takes to get into to our remote spike camps. As another option you can hunt right from our Lodge, giving you a more relaxed comfortable hunt in having all the creature comforts. You will still have the opportunity to have an unforgettable adventure and work hard every day to harvest your animal.

Our spike camps are NOT tents these are well thought out cabins that are heated with wood stoves so after the hunt you can come back to camp and have a warm place to rest and tell some great stories of the adventures that happened that day.

 We are located approximately 3.5 hours north of Spokane Washington, so it makes it very convenient to get into our hunting area, without having to take extra small planes to get into our hunting camp.

The Off Season

If you have traveled to the Kootenay Lake area before you know how truly beautiful it is. In the off season, we offer our cabins for rent. If you are looking for somewhere to escape the city during the summer months we would love to host you in our log cabins on our 20-acre apple orchard. Give yourself the gift of relaxation and disappear into nature. You can see full details and our rates here on our website.

I hope that I have given you enough information to peak your interest. You can email or call us at 250.225.3551 in the evenings to get more information or to book a hunt with us. 

Best Regards

Tim & Oz Faiers

Shadow Mountain Outfitters